Holderness School Virtual Workshop

photo of Steve Davis portrait

Steve Davis
Founder, CEO

An inclusion workshop based on fighting racism and bias with empathy. 

The Holderness School welcomes Steve Davis to preform a virtual workshop as a continued part of their Anti-Racist and Unconscious Bias work.

During this virtual workshop Steve Davis worked closely with the Holderness administration to: discover different ways of communicating effectively using the Get, Give, and Merge skill; explore the Cycle of Social Failure; and uncover the true meaning of leadership!

The administration was able to leave with an awareness that, “the work is never done…” and an understanding that, “the process is the new content!”

For more information on Steve Davis’s virtual workshops and how to book your own click here

Good morning, Steve,

Thank you for your kind note about our leadership team. I know you have worked with a lot of teams, and the praise means a lot coming from you. More importantly, thank you for being such a remarkable facilitator. I also appreciate you spending one on one time with folks. We look forward to continuing working with you to create sustained growth on this really important area for Holderness.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

R. Phillip Peck

Head of School, Holderness School