If we can relate,
anything is possible.

If you can relate then support
the work we do.

The mission of the Institute for Human Relations, To Teach the World to Relate to its Human Diversity, is a fundamental condition for growth in any area of human endeavor. A monetary gift in any amount will go a long way to support our programs and projects.

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Look at The Work We’ve
Been Doing.

  • Encampment for Citizenship – We worked with 30 outstanding HS students from across the country emersed in a three-week residential program focusing on social justice issues of land, migration and the exploitation of labor. We are seen here in Santa Cruz with the elders of the Chumash tribe on their sacred Limuw Island..
  • Presented a 2-Day Professional Development for over two hundred faculty and administrators at the Webb School of Knoxville – Webb School of Knoxville, Tennesse
  • Delivered the keynote address and provided continuous consultation to members of the Maryville, TN, Rotary Club, addressing the National Presidents charge, “It is time for Rotary to take our next step in advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) across our organization.”
  • Provided a two-day consultation with students, faculty, and administration at The Rectory School in Connecticut. Head of School, Fred Williams, replied, “Steve, any day you show up on campus is a good day. Thanks for lending such a great listening ear and sharing your wisdom. Rectory is better off for it.”

Our Programs


Student Diversity Leadership Conferences

Mr. Davis has committed three decades of his life to teach students to find their voice and be agents of change in their schools, their communities, and their lives..

Culturally Responsive Teaching and SEL Professional Development

Mr. Davis and his associates have provided professional development to thousands of adults to develop the skills to respond to the social-emotional experience of ALL their students so that they are empowered to maximize their learning.”>

DEI Organizational and Community Program Development

Mr. Davis and his associates have worked with numerous community programs and organizations to effectively identify and reverse cycles of social failure into systems of possibilities.>

DEI Leadership Seminars

Mr. Davis continually asks the question, “Who helps the helpers?” IHR operationally defines leadership, the levels of effective leadership, and the skills required to lead effectively.”>

Alumni of Color Engagement Training

Diversity Hiring Fair Consulting 

Culturally Responsive Coaching Workshops,
The Winner’s Edge


Steve Davis at Podium

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Upcoming Events

We conduct workshops, DEI events, retreats, and other events on an ongoing basis. 


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