Aspira Equity Conference

photo of Steve Davis portrait

Steve Davis
Founder, CEO

Enhancing our personal and community cultural responsiveness!

It was an honor to assist Aspira Academy in planning its 1st Equity Conference, “Growing Together in Cultural Responsiveness.” It was especially gratifying to co-facilitate a workshop with my daughter, Nancy Labanda, and moderate a discussion with my former student, Aren Craft, and his dad, award-winning author, Jerry Craft. Thank you to all faculty, administration, and guests. Your kind words and testimonials are truly appreciated!

“…Thank you for inviting me and my team to participate today. The conference was well done and the sessions were very informative. I would even like to say I found it both in format and content far better than the virtual national charter conference I attended this summer. KUDOS to you and your team!”

Eric M. Anderson

Head of School, Sussex Academy

I wish to express my gratitude for the very powerful and enlightening sessions of  yesterday’s Unity Conference. It was great to have the opportunity to share my experiences of injustices as a man of melanin complexion and listen to those of others. It was indeed a conversation worth having for all of those that had ears to truly hear and hearts to truly “innerstand”.

Thanks again!”

“Thank you for the session yesterday I truly enjoyed all the strategies you provided to make sure that we are addressing the needs of our students. I particularly like the Get-Give and Merge activity. I look forward to more learning opportunities like this one.”